What is the Best Homemade Window Cleaner?

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When it comes to cleaning windows all over your home, there is little encouragement as it looks like whatever you do and how hard you try, within hours they will be covered in dirt and dust again. Dirty windows or scratched glass are easy to spot and clean. However, cleaning windows and glasses are always seems to be a task that we try to delay even if it requires the least work. But no more excuses anymore, you don’t need any cleaners or fancy tools when you can make free glass cleaner recipes from your home groceries and supplies. One of the great things about making your window cleaner is that it is remarkably cheap. You will save a considerable amount of money every time you decide to make your own set of window cleaner, rather than buying it from the supermarket. Here are some amazing tips for making a homemade glass cleaner. 

Window Cleaner with Vinegar

White vinegar and rubbing alcohol are great substitutes for chemical cleaners at your local store. Other advantages of these ingredients are that they are inexpensive and do not contain harsh chemicals or fumes. These ingredients are similar to what you can find in any window cleaner and many commercial cleaners, and they evaporate quickly, so you don’t end up with horrible stains.

The ingredients needed for this cleanser are:

  • A cup of rubbing alcohol
  • A cup of water
  • A spoon of white vinegar
Mix all of these ingredients and mix well and voila, your new homemade window cleaner is ready. Spray and see the magic.

Dishwasher Mixture Window Cleaner

Take a spray bottle, add a quarter cup of white vinegar with half a teaspoon of liquid dish soap. Dilute the solution with two cups of water, then shake the vial vigorously to mix the components. If you don’t have white vinegar on hand, remember that you can substitute lemon juice for it. Like distilled white vinegar, lemon juice has a mild acidity that cuts fat and grime in the same style. For a pleasant scent, add a little perfume or scent of your choice and mix it with the ingredients. You can also use extra lemon with its pulp and lid for a better scent.

The ingredients involved in this cleanser are:

  • Dishwasher
  • The water
  • White vinegar
  • Lemon juice

Cornstarch Homemade Window Cleaner

The elements for this are:

  • A quarter of white vinegar
  • A tablespoon of cornstarch
  • Two cups of water
The cornstarch in this homemade window cleaner breaks water bonds, resulting in a shiny, smudge-free, streak-free finish you’ve never seen. It also works well for cleaning water stains from window glass or window panes. Windows and glass surfaces are not perfectly smooth. They have tiny holes on the surface that hold water and cause lines and smudges. Jiggle the spray bottle well before spraying the cleaner to mix the solution. Keep cleaning until the glass is clear, if you leave the cleaner on the surface, the cornstarch leaves a residue.

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