Window Cleaning Tips That Can Keep Your Home Cool

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To uplift and maintain the credibility of any business, especially retail or food, it is important to invest in the cleanliness of the space at all times. Remember that first impressions last forever. Any potential client or customer walking into your shop or restaurant must leave a positive impression that makes them want to come back again and again. And can you guess what is that one way to make a lasting impression on your customer? It is by ensuring that your windows are sparkling clean. Have you ever seen those glass clean windows that give the illusion as if there is no window at all? If you want to find out how to achieve this high level of cleanliness, then keep reading for some pro tips below.
  • Stay Away from Direct Sunlight

Most homeowners want wall-sized luxurious windows only to enjoy the bright sunlight during the daytime. Of course, we all love the beautiful days with sun rays passing through the glass and falling over the bed or the lounge. Even though the natural light looks awesome through clean glass windows, it makes cleaning a huge hassle. How you may ask? When you use a liquid or even water to clean the dirty windows, you have to be extra careful that no water drips or spots dry in place otherwise you would have wished never to clean them in the first place! The dried streaks of water give a dirty appearance as if the window has never been cleaned! Besides, the sunlight does not really help with the process. So, make sure when you are cleaning the windows, the sunlight does not directly fall in order to avoid rapid drying.
  • Invest in Good Quality Cleaners

Windows since are of glass can easily accumulate dirt that settles on the surface. This dirt and dust can get too stubborn at times. Hence, it is important you invest in good quality window cleaners and cloth. You will come across countless options when you go out to shop for window cleaners from the nearest stores however, you can save the hassle and money by creating a DIY cleaning liquid. Yes, you can achieve professional results with a home-based cleaner. Take a few drops of dishwashing liquid from your kitchen and add them to warm water with a few drops of vinegar. Spray this mixture on the window glass or use it directly and then clean it off using a nylon cleaning cloth.
  • Do Not Forget to Clean Your Window Screens

When you clean the windows and their grills, pay special attention to the window screen. Make sure you wipe all the dust, dirt, and fingerprints off it. Otherwise, even if you spend hours cleaning the window, it would look dirty as if you have never cleaned them. It is simple to clean the window screens, all you need is a good cleaning hand brush and a water hose to rinse off the dirt and water. Use the brush to scrub off any accumulated dirt and debris and then spray the cleaning detergent to wipe it off. Clean Your Window Screens
  • Take All Measures to Prevent Dirt Accumulation

When your windows are clean and properly dried, you can apply further tips to keep them in the same state for as long as possible. This will lengthen the time between your cleaning shifts. In case, your windows are covered with blinds and shutters, get an anti-static spray and spray it frequently to prevent dust accumulation on the grill, railing, and the window itself. You can also buy good-quality floor wax and use it on the windows to prevent the dust from settling at the bottom of the window or on the surface.


To prolong the lifespan of your windows and prevent permanent scratches on the glass, you need to hire a professional window cleaning company at least once every year. Professionals do a long-lasting and effective job at cleaning. They use high-end equipment and techniques that are otherwise impossible to do on your own.

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